"Status of non-thermal technologies in the milk processing sector and potential dairy alternatives to bovine/cow milk"

Tuesday, December 12, 2023
3:00 PM

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About this event:

With the increased challenges of preserving the natural characteristics of heat-treated (pasteurized or sterilized) dairy products and the increasing awareness of the environmental impact of these processing technologies, there is considerable interest in non-thermal processing techniques. High-pressure processing, UV irradiation, pulsed electric field, Ultrasound, and cold plasma have arisen as an alternative to thermal milk processing technologies. Some have already been implemented at the industry level, while research is still ongoing in others. This presentation focuses on providing updates on potential non-thermal technologies in the dairy processing sector. 

Bovine/Cow milk is the most consumable mammal milk because of its abundance of nutrients and potential benefits for human health. However, with increased cases of cow milk protein allergy and lactose intolerance, researchers have started investigating alternatives. Milk from different species, including donkeys, goat, sheep, mare, and camel, is found to be suitable for human consumption and has positive health effects. The presentation's second objective is to inform the audience about the potential dairy alternatives to bovine/cow milk and their consumption benefits.



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Pranav Vashisht

Pranav works for the Continuous Improvement Team of Idaho Milk Products (in the role of specialist), where he leads and manages the projects on process development and improvement. He has a master’s degree in food science and a bachelor’s in Dairy Technology. He has six years of industrial/research experience, where he has worked with three dairy industries and three independent research groups on multiple successful projects on product development and process improvement..