Email Address:
How many years have you been a member of the NEIFT? <5
What do you consider important about your membership in the NEIFT? Networking for business (sales)
Networking for business (employment)
Support of students in Food Science programs
Access to innovation in New England region
Food Expo
Meetings (content)
Meetings (reconnecting with people)
Technical Information
What helps you make the decision to attend an NEIFT meeting? Location- close to home or work
Inclusion of Plant Tour
Subject of Guest Speaker
Interesting or innovative menu or meeting concept
High level of technical content of guest speaker's presentation
Required by company/school
Would you be interested in attending if the NEIFT offered... Meetings that included an extended workshop or technical session, PRECEDING dinner
Lunch meetings that included an extended workshop or technical session FOLLOWING lunch
How often do you go to the NEIFT website? Daily
2-3 times a week
Once a week
Every few weeks
National IFT Members...what benefits of your membership do you find important? (please check all that apply) 15 on-demand webcasts, $375 value
Access to the IFT Salary Survey, $99 value
8 professional development webcasts for New Professionals, $392 value
Subscription to Food Technology magazine, $190 value
Wellness conference registration discount, $100 in savings
Food Policy Impact conference registration discount, $165 in savings
Annual Meeting & Food Expo® registration discounts, up to $220 in savings
Discounts on IFT online courses and webcasts, up to $100 in savings
Discounts on Short Courses, up to $270 in savings
Discounted subscription to the Journal of Food Science, up to $713 in savings
Access to our online eCareerMentor program, Exclusive to members
Access to resources & tools developed specifically for our New Professional members, exclusive to members
Leadership opportunities, exclusive to members
Undergraduate and graduate scholarships, exclusive to student members