College/University Scholarship Program

Providing student support and professional development is one of the highest goals of the NEIFT. Following the link, you will find the process for the many financial scholarships available every year and details regarding eligibility.
Thanks to generous contributions made by our Corporate NEIFT Sponsors, and our exclusively volunteer Board members, each year we are able to award tens of thousands of dollars directly to graduate and undergraduate food science and culinary arts students in the form of scholarships and funding of food technology groups, competitions and other educational events. 

Many students have found NEIFT support in many additional areas to be instrumental in making successful transitions from the academic environment to their chosen food related professions. There are unlimited opportunities to network at NEIFT meetings and students are also encouraged to directly participate in our many food technology programs. As a member of the IFT, you're already part of NEIFT. If not, sign up for our Mailing List now and to take advantage of the many scholarship and career developing opportunities available, and enjoy the professional friendships you will find at the Northeast IFT.

Meredith Geraghty, Scholarship Chair

Guide to NE Food Science Programs

Middle School/High School Programs

The NEIFT supports food science education in young people through an active program of classroom pressentations by food scientists, volunteer judges for food related competitions and funding of science fair awards.
To request a speaker for YOUR school or to add your name to our Speaker's Bureau, contact us.