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Welcome to the Northeast Section of the Institute of Food Technologists,
a professional society for the food industry, encompassing Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and Maine. The depth of knowledge, diversity, and technology that is represented by the people and companies of this region is extensive. Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, you can be sure to learn something through the interesting people, informative speakers, and outstanding tours that the programming committee presents each year.

We welcome any comments or questions and look forward to hearing from anyone interested in participating on any committee, making phone calls or sharing ideas for future meetings. Please feel free to contact anyone on the Executive Board, using the link above.

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Congratulations to the winners at our
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John Wankewitz
Jason Sleggs
John Bienus

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Frank Ahern

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Rich Hamerschlag

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Tom Clarkson

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Haley Noonan

The Food Science 100th anniversary is coming up September 28-29. We are hoping to make this the largest and most successful Alumni Reunion Weekend ever with lots of great friends, good food and fun activities.

Please register, buy 100th anniversary shirts, and book a hotel at www.UmassAlumni.com/foodscience100.

New England Research Chef Association

Wine and Cheese Tasting at Black Birch Vineyard in Hatfield, MA
Thursday, September 27, 2018
The owners of the Vineyard will give us a tour and talk about their experience in the wine business and their award-winning wines.  We will also hear from the owners of Cheese producer Grace Hill Farm about how they got into the cheese business.  There will be a tasting of a selection of both the wines and cheeses.  We hope you’ll join us to experience and discover many of our local resources with networking and fun.
To learn more about our event please follow this link:   https://www.culinology.org/e/in/eid=54

To register contact Toni Manning toni.m987@gmail.com or Susanna Tolini, susanna.tolini@kayem.com

UMASS Food Science Extension Events

  • FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food Certification Training - Blended Course
    October 26th, 2018. UMass Amherst, MA.
    The ​Current ​Good ​Manufacturing ​Practice, ​Hazard ​Analysis, ​and ​ Risk-based ​Preventive ​Controls ​for ​Human ​Food ​FDA ​regulation ​is intended ​to ​ensure ​safe ​manufacturing/processing, ​packing ​and ​ holding ​of ​food ​products ​for ​human ​consumption ​in ​the ​United ​ States. ​The ​regulation ​requires ​that ​certain ​activities ​must ​be completed ​by ​a ​“preventive ​controls ​qualified ​individual” ​who ​ has ​“successfully ​completed ​training ​in ​the ​development ​and ​ application ​of ​risk-based ​preventive ​controls.” ​This ​course ​ developed ​by ​the ​FSPCA ​is ​the ​“standardized ​curriculum” ​ recognized ​by ​FDA; ​successfully ​completing ​this ​course ​is ​one ​ way ​to ​meet ​the ​requirements ​for ​a ​“preventive ​controls ​ qualified ​individual.” ​To ​complete ​the ​course, ​a ​participant ​ must ​be ​present ​for ​the ​entire ​workshop ​and ​participate ​in ​ the ​exercises. NOTE: In order to attend this one day training session, you must complete Part 1 of the course online AHEAD OF TIME, and bring the Part 1 enrollment ticket to class.

This program is sponsored by the Specialty Food Association and UMass Food Science Extension.

To register: https://umasscafe.irisregistration.com/Home/Site?code=FSPCABlendedCourseSignup


December 13-14th, 2018. UMass Amherst, MA.
Learn the fundamentals of RAMAN & SERS technology from Professor Lili He & her team in food science! Course topics will include: • Fundamentals of Raman & SERS • Hands-on demonstrations • Applications in chemistry, biology and engineering nanoparticles • Equipment Demonstrations • Industry Application • Poster sessions showcasing the latest advancements in SERS technology • 
This program is sponsored by Thermo Scientific, the UMass Institute of Applied Life Science and UMass Food Science Extension.
To register: https://umass.irisregistration.com/Home/Site?code=RamanSERS 

  • Food Lipid Oxidation and Antioxidant Short Course
    March 21 – 22nd, 2019. UMass Amherst, MA.
    We invite food scientists, chemists, researchers, quality and industrial managers to participate in in learning about the fundamentals pertaining to lipid oxidation. Leading experts will address major factors that affect the stability of oil-bearing foods, strategies to reduce oxidation in foods and biological systems, discuss the health impacts of lipid oxidation, and discuss lipid delivery and protection of bioactive compounds. Throughout the course real food systems will be discussed to illustrate real-world examples and ways to manage these challenges.

This program is sponsored by Kalsec®, Inc., the UMass Institute of Applied Life Science and UMass Food Science Extension.
To register:  https://umass.irisregistration.com/Site/LipidOxidation

Contact Amanda Kinchla for more details: amanda.kinchla@foodsci.umass.edu



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